The bomb exploded near Farah Province, Afghanistan. (Image: Al Jazeera)

Report: Bomb explodes in Afghanistan, 32 dead

FARAH - A roadside bomb exploded while a bus was traveling on Herat-Kandahar highway, Western Afghanistan. Due to the explosion, 32 passengers of the bus died and 15 people were critically injured. Initially, the casualties were reported at 18. However, the number rose up to 32 people.

Among the casualties and the injured, there were women and children.

Muhibullah Muhib, the spokesperson for the police force in Farah province, stated that the death toll might rise, based on the fact that there were people critically injured by the bomb that tore through the bus.

The Afghan government was looking for the mastermind of the bombing, to which no one raises their hand. The government said that it was most likely the Taliban. It was a blatant and absurd accusation. However, the Taliban were known to use roadside bombs to target government or any authority forces.

The Taliban have not commented nor claimed that the bomb was theirs.

The explosion happened just a day following a report from the United Nations (UN) regarding a huge death toll in Afghanistan’s war. The U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan stated that the death toll decreased by 27% which was considered a good thing.

However, it pointed out that the measure for peace was insufficient, judging by the number where 1,366 civilians were killed and another 2,446 injured. Mainly, the casualties were the result of Afghanistan’s airstrikes to international forces despite the effort to end an 18-year-war between the U.S and Afghanistan.


On Thursday (25/7), three bombs, back-to-back, exploded in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan during the visit of two U.S officials. The visitation from the officials was to check the war and to push the effort to end the conflict that has been lasting for 18 years.

The first bomb was brought by a motorcycle rider, targeting the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum on a mini-bus. The second bomb was to strike the first responders of the explosion. Strangely, the third bomb – on a car - exploded far away from the first and the second site. From the 3 bombings, the Taliban only claimed the third, adding that they were aiming for the foreign officials and their convoys.

The bomb killed 11 people and injuring 45 people. Among the casualties, there were 5 women and at least 1 child.

In Eastern Nangarhar, a roadside bomb detonated by a vehicle killed and injured 14 people. Chronologically, the victims were a family heading for a wedding.