The satellite image shows that a super typhoon, Typhoon Hagibis, is coming to Japan. (Image via En24 News)

Japan prepares for Typhoon Hagibis, from transportation services to rugby matches canceled

Japan Meteorological Agency warned that a typhoon is coming to Japan. The typhoon, called Typhoon Hagibis, came with 270km/h wind speed on Thursday morning. Fortunately, the fierce wind might weaken by the cool waters of the Honshu region. The agency also warned that during the upcoming weekend, a torrential rain might fall over Central Japan.

Typhoon Hagibis might trigger landfall on the weekends, therefore the Agency forewarned people across Central Japan to take precautions necessary to prevent mortalities. The torrential rain might begin on Friday with high tides that would lead to flooding.

What follows a typhoon? Yes, cancellations. East Japan Railway Company, generally known as JR East, is expected to make a decision on late Thursday. To ease the access, JR East is going to make the announcement in English, Chinese, and Korean on its official website and Twitter account.

For the Japanese, a typhoon is not an uncommon natural phenomenon. Just in September, Typhoon Faxai caused massive power outages in Chiba Prefecture.


Japan is hosting the 2019 Rugby World Cup. However, due to the typhoon, some rugby matches have to wait. The cancellation of these rugby matches will mark the first-ever in the World Cup.

Anticipating the Typhoon Hagibis, the Rugby World Cup committee announced on Thursday that it would cancel the decider matches in Pool B between England and France in Yokohama, and Pool C between New Zealand and Italy in Toyota. Meanwhile, a Sunday game between the host Japan and Scotland is also up in the air, waiting for the weather to decide.

Friday game between Australia and Georgia for Pool D in Shizuoka and a Saturday game between Ireland and Samoa will still continue.

The committee had considered all options, including moving the venues for the games. However, it would be unfair for all teams. Therefore, the only option left was to cancel the game. For the spectators who had bought the tickets to the canceled games, there will be full refunds.

Due to the cancellations, all teams are getting two points. However, Italy might not be advancing to the quarterfinals due to finishing on the third position. England may win the Pool C. Japan and Scotland will not be affected by the match, both proceeding to the knockout stage.

It might seem unfair to some. However, the committee claimed that all national teams were already aware of the cancellation policies, and no protests so far.