The tribe war in the electorate town of James Marape, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. (Image via: RNZ)

Dozens Killed After Tribe War in Papua New Guinea

A fight between tribes is always a harrowing event to watch. As time passed by, the clash is getting even more lethal, especially by the fact that their weaponry has been modified. From swords and spears to guns.

A three-day tribe war occurred at Munima and Karida villages in Hela province, Papua New Guinea. The war took 24 people with it, including 2 pregnant women with their unborn babies. The local administrators stated that there could be more victims of the war than expected. In Karida village, a tribe fighter killed about 6 women and 8 children in a 30-minute slashing frenzy.

Meanwhile, the motive of the tribe war is still unknown. Some said that the war was triggered by the deep-rooted tribe conflicts, theft, and rape that occurred frequently between the tribes.

The medics had a hard time to identify the victims or body parts found belonging to victims. To disperse the war, about 100 police had to reinforce 40 local officers.

A similar conflict also occurred nearby Enga Province, where tribe war also exploded. About 100 government soldiers were deployed to disperse the fighters.

Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, James Marape, sorely condemned the tribe war which happened in the province which he represented. Marape vowed to locate the perpetrators and to make them face the consequences of their deeds according to the most severe laws against those who kill the innocent. Marape even said that the “death penalty” was inevitable since it is also considered a law. Moreover, the PM regretted the fact that the provincial administrators and security officers are lacking in resources.