Image of a polar bear spotted on manhunt for suspects in a murder case in Manitoba, Canada. Photograph: Royal Canadian Mounted Patrol (RCMP) Manitoba

Canada murder hunt end up leads only to polar bear

The search for Kam McLeod and Bryer Schemegelsky continued on Saturday and faced a threat from a polar bear in a remote area in northern Manitoba. The two teenagers are the suspects of shooting dead Australian tourist, Lucas Flower and his US girlfriend and a university botanist. The manhunt was helped by Royal Canadian Air Force CC-130H Hercules. The search began when the bodies of Fowler and his girlfriend found dead on the side of a highway on 14 July.

A polar bear was spotted 200km north of Gillam by the searchers. According to the locals, both of the suspected murderers would face extreme challenges from polar and black bears, wolves and mosquitos. The RCMP Manitoba tweeted a picture of the polar bear on their twitter’s official account. Furthermore, since the Canadian government were desperate to catch the fugitives, they immediately approved the RCMP request for military support.

The RCMP said that the teenagers torched their RAV-4 since there were no reports of stolen cars and carjackings in the area. The teenagers set fire to the Toyota RAV-4 on Monday. Later, the RCMP admitted that the teenagers may have fled Gillam with the help of another person who is unaware of the two suspected murderers.