2020 Presidential candidate and former Vice President, Joe Biden, addressing in Pennsylvania rally (Image via: TIME)

Biden: Let’s Fix Things, Instead of Fighting

WASHINGTON – Ahead of 2020 election, Joe Biden will not pity Trump a bit. Donald Trump’s reign currently hails many questions from his own people and the world leaders. His motor-mouth and his frontal yet lack-of-accuracy criticisms often put United States in dangers. On the contrary, Trump turned to his deaf ears regarding Joe Biden’s noisy barkings.

While some of his policies are good, the Americans can see that the relationship between their country with other countries are not good, especially with China and North Korea.

Referring to Trump as “divider in chief”, the 76-year old then called for all the Americans to nod their head toward the campaign theme that he had created for his reign: “Stop Fighting, Start Fixing”. Biden added that because of Trump’s reign, Americans are divided and the nation needs to be reunited again.

The starting polls showed that Biden is way ahead of Trump and his potential competitor Bernie Sanders, who also ran for the election in 2016 against Hillary Clinton and Trump. Based on the polls, it is safe to say that all Americans agree that the nation needs to reform itself to the better.

Unlike Trump’s “Makes America Great Again” (MAGA) campaign that made him despised by the “other” Americans, Biden headstarted by approaching Barack Obama, as his friend (the fact that the two ran together in the Office & as representation of African-American in US). The result was the overflowing of support from the fellow African-Americans.

But, do not get tricked by the polls. Remembering Hillary Clinton, who led by the polls yet lost by the ballots, the real catfight will be decided in November 2020.

Source: https://www.afp.com/en/news/3954/biden-offers-anti-trump-theme-stop-fighting-start-fixing-doc-1gl8zc3