Popular among the kids, parents are worried about how Instagram might cause their children to be socially inactive. (Image via The Independent)

4 ways to make sure Instagram is 'children-friendly'

Social media has been one of the means for people to communicate with each other. Instagram is one of which. Through Instagram’s feature such as DM and media sharing, people can share their moments and interact with others boundlessly.

Instagram also got its popularity among youngsters and kids. However, because of its boundless interaction, the parents grow worried about this. Therefore, Instagram Indonesia gave these four guidelines for the parents to monitor their children playing Instagram.


While they seem to seek cheap thrills on the social media platform, Instagram Indonesia pointed out that there must be some reasons why they choose Instagram. Now, the parents have to explore why they want to play Instagram.

Could it be they want to attract someone they like? Or, they just want to share moments with the world? Or, are they trying to establish their own networks and groups with similar hobbies? As long as the reasons are safe and sound, parents should not be overly worried about their children.


This step is essential to prevent any people with ill intentions to stalk your children. At the same time, parents need to guide their kids to learn that they have absolute control to avoid any unwanted interactions with people they want to avoid.

If people are stalking your children’s account menacingly, there is also a “Block” option for them. Don’t forget to report these accounts as well.


As we said earlier, Instagram offers boundless interactions with anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Now, Indonesia has passed bills that monitor activities on the Internet. It is now common to see someone brought into the court just because of the pointless things they said on social media.

Therefore, to avoid such things, as parents, you need to monitor your children. Teach your children to show some manners when commenting on Instagram. Watch the profanities. And, you can “Hide Offensive Comments” or manually filter comments that seem appropriate to your children and you.


Now, we’ve got to admit that social media makes us forget about our surroundings and time. Therefore, as parents, you need to set a limit for your children about when they should stop playing and rest their eyes.

You can set “Reminder” to alert your children to stop playing and give their eyes some rest. While resting, you can also turn off their Instagram notification by sliding “Pause All” in the “Notification” setting; hence, your children can have absolute rest without being bothered by the notification’s ring.

There are four guidelines by Instagram Indonesia for parents to teach how children should play Instagram wisely. Don’t forget to tell your children to spend time with other people and you as well because the real-world is more than just Instagram.

Source: https://bit.ly/2oenRCr