Why should employers treat their subordinates right? And how to do that? (Image via Glassdoor)

Why treating your employees right is vital for productivity? Here are how you do it

If the company is a clock, then employers and employees are its gears. For the clock to work, its gears have to work in harmony. No one is less or more important than the others. Therefore, it is a message to the employers as well: to treat your employee right is important!

While employers and employees are striving to fulfill the objectives and duties assigned by the companies, it is important to remember that employee is your “friends”, not your “subordinates”. Why is it important to treat them right? And how to treat them right?

While the employers' position surely is higher than employees, employers should never underestimate employees. Underestimation is not only about treatment; it is also about how you stipulate rules in a company. Many companies regulate many absurd, nonsensical rules. It does not increase productivity. It works the opposite. Think of your employees as family members. Unity of all company members bring forth good results

Employers should know that some employees are working exceedingly to deliver the best out of themselves. While equality is good, some employees could misunderstand. By giving equal appreciation to all employees, the productivity will remain stagnant as they think that all performances, both good and bad, are rewarded the same.

Try rewarding your employees as a trigger to show that more appreciation will be given for those who perform better. However, that does not mean that you should neglect the other employees as well. Show that you care for their growth. If they make a mistake, as a supervisor, you are required to give constructive feedback.

When employers are selecting employees according to the divisions, of course, they want these employees to be assigned to the duties they are good at. It is visible that when employers are passionate about their jobs, productivity will increase. Always provide an opportunity for your employees to grow out of their current state. Remember, when someone resigns or retires from the company, they should be a different person than the first they came in.

Here are the major guidelines on how to treat them right. Make your employees feel secure about what they are doing and make sure that their work is right by providing a safe and fun work environment.

An employer should never feel superior over his employees. As what Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, often says, when you treat your employee right, they will treat your customer likewise. So, put your employee in the priority list as well, and see your company move to the greater direction together.

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