Junk food is lovable by everyone. But, what gives? (Image via New York Post)

Why junk-food is so tempting?

Junk food has little to no nutritional amount. However, its salty, sweet, and umami flavors are loved by people. It does not have to be food from McDonald’s or KFC. Junk food varies from instant noodles, French fries, fried chicken, or other food with low nutritional content.

There are circumstances why people crave for this unhealthy-yet-lovely food. For example, when you are alone watching TV or playing games, there comes a sudden urge for you to munch a bag of chips. Therefore, here is why junk food is so tempting for some.

Have you ever craved for a dish in the middle of the night? If yes, it explains why people love to order junk food at night. Lack of sleep does not only lead to decreasing productivity but also food craving. Dietary experts said that if you lack sleep, it will be hard to resist late-night junk food craving. The condition of a body lacking sleep makes it vulnerable to the tempting aroma from junk food.

Therefore, instead of ordering junk food, try a healthier dish.

When pressures pile upon you, your body releases many hormones depleting your blood sugar levels. This leads to a surge of appetite, especially for sugary and fatty food. These kinds of food are truly “comfortable” for those who are stressed.

Instead of succumbing to the junk food temptation, try meditation and make time for your own leisure.

Are you trying to cut the carbs and sugar to live healthily? It is a nice approach. However, if you force yourselves, the effect will be contrary. You will crave for more sugar and carbs in the end. Without carbs, your body carves for more food to be converted to energy. Junk food will be the only option.

Fresh fruit is strongly recommended if you are trying to get sugar without fearing weight gain.

We are not talking about the real carbs. But, the processed carbs such as cereal or yogurt with sugar. It will only accelerate the depletion of your blood sugar levels. In other words, it needs to be balanced with protein and fat to sustain your blood sugar levels and insulin and energy for a long period. With that, you are freed from junk food craving.

Junk food craving is sometimes a signal that your body is lacking nutrition. For example, if you are craving for salty food, you are lacking sodium. Or, if you are lacking iron, you are craving for sweet food to muster your energy.

Nutritionists suggested that rather than a bag of salty chips, you are recommended to eat chicken soup to fulfill your sodium craving. Or, if you want to eat sweet food, don’t forget to combine it with other food rich in iron such as meat, egg, or fruit.

Source: https://bit.ly/2P2gecZ