Indonesia's Coordinating Minister of Politics, Laws, and Security, Wiranto, was brought immediately after being stabbed. However, not all people feel the same grief. Is Indonesia facing a crisis of sympathy? (Image via

Sympathy alert: Indonesian minister gets stabbed

Indonesia was shaken by the incident where the Coordinating Minister of Politics, Laws, and Security, Wiranto, got stabbed while visiting Pandeglang, Banten, Thursday.

Wiranto's visit came after laying the first stone in the inauguration of Universitas Mahl'aul Anwar, Pandeglang. Menes Police Chief, Police Commissioner Daryanto, was welcoming the Coordinating Minister.

Upon coming out from his vehicle, a 51-year-old man, known as Syahril Alamsyah or Abu Rara, seemed to shake Wiranto's hand when he suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed Wiranto at his stomach. The former Indonesian Military (TNI) General almost collapsed but supported by his adjutants.

Daryanto immediately seized SA together with Wiranto's guards. However, SA's wife, Fitri Andriana (FA), clothed with veiled, suddenly struck Daryanto with a pair of scissors before being seized as well.

Wiranto was treated immediately at the Berkah Pandeglang Regional Public Hospital (RSUD). Daryanto and a university employee were also brought for treatment. By helicopter, Wiranto was brought immediately for further treatment to Gatot Subroto Army Hospital (RSPAD Gatot Subroto).

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, generally known as Jokowi, immediately ordered a further investigation by the Police Force (Kapolri), TNI, and other local authorities.

Investigating the background of SA and FA, Jokowi called for the Indonesian people to be aware of terrorism and ISIS brainwashing doctrines among his people.


However, the news of the incident befalling Coordinating Minister Wiranto hailed mixed reactions from the Indonesian people.

Some people reacted to the news with ordinary condolences to mourn for the stabbing. However, some reacted unwisely by cynically calling the stabbing “staged”. Even worse, these ignorant people mentioned that the incidents in Ambon and Wamena were far more important.

Let this be an example that commenting on social media platforms should be done wisely and thoroughly.

On Saturday, the TNI took a legal action over a spouse when Hendi Suhendi (HS) had to let his rank go as District Military Commander after his wife, Fita Sulistyowati (FS), wrote a ignorant comment, accusing the stabbing as a “stage act”, supporting the stabber and other unpleasant things.

HS violated military discipline regulations stipulated in Law No. 25/2014. This cost him not only his position but also a 14-day detainment. There were also other similar cases related to Wiranto's stabbing where officers lost their position due to the negative remarks on their social media.

The incident does not only call for actions against terrorism but also against ignorance and division that broke the nation since the 2019 election.