Padang restaurant located in Bandung, Malah Dicubo reaped more profit since its partnership with GoFood. (Image via Media Parahyangan)

Padang restaurant in Bandung reaped 1,000 orders daily after joining GoFood

Internet charms! Although it is the “Padang” restaurant, actually, this restaurant is located in Bandung, West Java. The “Paris van Java”, the nickname for Bandung, stores many good culinary experiences, and one of which is this Padang restaurant, “Malah Dicubo”.

Since joining GoFood, “Malah Dicubo” claimed that for a day, the restaurant is flooded by 750 to 1,000 GoFood orders! The hype was so big that the Padang restaurant was picked as one of the merchant partners for the “Plesiran Bareng GoJek” event.

The owner of “Malah Dicubo”, Heryance Murzal, called Yance, testified of GoFood’s magic to his restaurant. Since joining GoFood, the profit of “Malah Dicubo” increased by 40 – 50 percent. Moreover, the percentage of offline and online orders have reached 50:50.

Yance revealed that because Bandung is often hit by cats-and-dogs rain, the offline order is often disappointing. But, with GoFood, the online order reigns!

GoJek’s Regional VP for West Java and Banten, Becquini Akbar, said that GoJek has proven that technology can provide one integrated system to cater to the needs of all people and crank up the profit of micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKMs).

Furthermore, Akbar tabulated that GoJek had contributed Rp2.1 trillion to Bandung’s economy. Besides, GoJek helped 96 percent of 500,000 its GoFood partners, starting their business small from home.

The business experts tabulated that about 93 percent of UMKMs, having been GoFood partners, experienced an increase in their transaction volumes. And, about 72 percent admitted that their merchant saw an increase in their profit!

GoJek’s VP Regional Corporate Affairs, Michael Say, stated on Friday last week that by providing more services, GoJek gives overall solutions for the Indonesian society. For example, Say said that through the “Plesiran Bareng GoJek” event, GoJek is introduced as an “Operating system” for the Indonesian people.