The new CEO of Nissan, Makoto Uchida, promised reformation and restoration of Nissan's credibility and transparency. (Image via The New York Times)

Nissan's new CEO reaffirms Renault alliance, promises revival

Despite the financial scandal shrouding the deal, the new CEO of Nissan Motors Co., Makoto Uchida, reaffirmed on Monday the importance of the Japanese car manufacturer’s alliance with its French counterpart, Renault. As the new CEO, Uchida promised to restore Nissan’s credibility and transparency which Uchida claimed in its “harshest”.

The statement was well-founded, as Uchida, also the President of Nissan, took over the CEO seat during the worst time ever after its former CEO, Carlos Ghosn, was tangled in a financial misconduct scandal in 2018.

The Brazilian-French-Lebanese businessman denied his involvement in the scandal. Instead, Ghosn accused Nissan’s managers of colluding with the Japanese government to prevent an alliance between Nissan and Renault.

Meanwhile, the trial of Ghosn has not even started yet, and the scandal slowly leeching Nissan’s credibility.

Furthermore, Ghosn’s successor, Hiroto Saikawa, was not that different. Saikawa announced his resignation from the post in September also due to the financial misconduct over dubious income.

With Saikawa on the wheel, many Japanese experts hoped that Nissan would be reformed. But, certainly, it will take time and effort. Fortunately, Saikawa once proved his directorial expertise when managing Nissan’s branch in China.

As CEO, Saikawa said that he wanted to reform Nissan’s bad corporate culture that left unrealizable goals. Also, he aimed to reform the awful legacy left by both his predecessors. Emphasizing alliance, Saikawa said that the alliance with Renault and smaller Japanese car manufacturer, Mitsubishi, must remain strong.