N. Korea claimed that it is taking a good care of the people it abducted. (Image via Newsweek)

N. Korea takes care of its abductees: Source

Bashing the allegations that North Korea (N. Korea) acting like a mean kidnapper, on Sunday, a reliable source from Pyongyang stated that N. Korea is giving those it abducted adequate medical care. It might be a direct order from the Supreme Leader of N. Korea, Kim Jong-un.

The source stated that while N. Korea is taking care of its abductees, it is looking forward to negotiating with Japan about repatriating the abducted Japanese.

One of them is a Japanese woman abducted in 1977, Kyoko Matsumoto, from Tottori Prefecture. She was abducted at 29 years old. Currently, Matsumoto lives in a facility located in Kaechon. Together with Matsumoto, a Thai abductee, Anocha Panjoy who was abducted by N. Korea in 1978 in Macao at 23 years old, also lives in the facility.

Both Matsumoto and Anocha are suffering from a chronic disease. And, they regularly go to Korea General Red Cross Hospital in Pyongyang to receive high-standard medical treatment.

A South Korean (S. Korea) agency confirmed that Matsumoto was relocated to Pyongyang from Chongjin in 2013. She is suffering from vision impairment and complications so that she has to stay at a hospital in the capital of N. Korea.

Later on, Matsumoto was released from the hospital and moved to Kaechon. After that, Anocha moved in. While the Japanese government is assured that Matsumoto is in safe hands, the Thai government keeps urging N. Korea to assure the safety of Anocha.

Currently, N. Korea is said to have kept 17 Japanese abductees. Five of which were repatriated in 2000. Until now, Japan is urging N. Korea to return the remaining 12. From 12, eight people had died and four others did not enter N. Korea.

Source: https://bit.ly/2XnY8nV