The upcoming Violet Evergrande animation is going to honor KyoAni arson's victims. (Image via Geek Native)

KyoAni to use the donation for families and victims of the arson

After collecting donations, KyoAni vowed not to use the donation for its personal gain. Instead, the studio wanted to give the donations to console the families of the victims of the arson attack. In mid-July, an arson attack occurred in KyoAni’s Fushimi studio building. The attacked took 36 lives and injured nearly as many.

Head of the House of Representatives Finance Committee, Shinichi Isa, confirmed the news. In a tweet, Isa said that KyoAni would not be using the donations to recover its business but to donate it in the name of humanity. Instead of using the donations, Isa added that KyoAni would recover by “its own power”. X-Japan front-man, Yoshiki, immediately donated more than ¥1 billion to the bank account specifically made to gather donations for KyoAni.

To commemorate the victims of the KyoAni arson, Isa revealed that the studio is going to hold a memorial service in November at Miyako Messe conference center, Kyoto. The service will be open to the public.

Not only in the service but KyoAni will also include the names of the victims in its latest animation “Violet Evergrande: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll”.

Isa’s tweet about KyoAni’s plan to commemorate and to recover using its own resource was hailed by many people, praising KyoAni which shows a company that “puts people first” and the strength of its resolution for self-recovery.