The satellite image of Typhoon Hagibis. While the Japanese are still recovering, two typhoons are aiming for the Land of the Rising Sun (Image via Al Jazeera)

Japan to face 2 upcoming storms

After typhoon no. 19, dubbed as Typhoon Hagibis, Japan Meteorological Agency said on Monday that the country is going to face two more typhoons. As of 9.00 a.m local time, Typhoon Neoguri is going northeast at the speed of 45km/h from the southwestern Shikoku Island.

Neoguri packs up winds with 108 – 110km/h speed in its center with a maximum of 160 km/h. By Monday night, Neoguri will be weakened into low pressure and move along Japan’s Pacific Coast.

Passing Central Japan, the Meteorological Agency predicted the storm to pour 300mm of rainfall by Tuesday evening. The 300mm rainfall is set to fall on Tokai, 200mm in Kansai, and 150mm in Shikoku and Izu Islands. The residents in the said areas are advised to stay prepared at all times to evacuate once flooding and landslides are detected.

Another typhoon is set to hit Japan this week. Between Thursday and Friday, the powerful Typhoon Bualoi, just 322km from Guam Island, is moving northwestward to Japan, set to hit Ogasawara Island. Thanks to the jet stream, Bualoi should not make its way to pass Japan. It will reach the waters of Kanto on Saturday.

Japan is currently recovering after being swept away by the powerful Hagibis. Nagano, Fukushima, and Miyagi are the areas hit the hardest by Hagibis. At least 70 people died and more than a dozen missing. Due to the torrential rain brought by Hagibis, rivers overflowed leading to flooding and landslides. Tens of thousands of residential areas were without electricity and inundated. Some were even devastated by Hagibis.