How to know if a job is suitable for you? Growth and appreciation are the keys. (Image via HR Magazine)

Is your job right for you? These are the signs

This is a question everyone is asking themselves after a week or two at their companies. After struggling for four years at university, you finally get your job. However, as you experience it more and more, you begin to doubt whether the job is right for you.

You first need to know why you ask yourselves this question. Is it because you encounter bad things during work? If “yes”, then you should know that most of the time, work is never fun. That’s why it is called “Work”. Should that statement be insufficient for you, here are the signs why you need to think that your job is suitable for you even though the environment seems harsh.


People admit that they are looking for a company that will help them develop to be professionals with training and facilities necessary. In other words, these people felt that skills triumph over titles.

While to land the job you need to prove your worth, you also need to grow after you get the job. Therefore, if a company helps you with the development, know that you are already in a safe hand.

Also, you need to see whether there is room for you to be growing. Frankly speaking, you don’t want to stay where you are now. You want to score bigger and get bigger. So, keep an eye to see whether your company has a room for promotion or bigger opportunity. If your company halts you to stay where you are, it is not good enough.


This one might be what you agree the most. The right job will not hold you from enjoying your personal life. Let’s say you have been working a standard eight hours. Flexibility is what job seekers seek nowadays. Even, they are ready to get their salary cut to set when they are working and when they should stop.

For example, some companies allow their employees to work remotely from home. This ensures a good work-life balance when they can make time for their families while working.


How to keep you motivated for the job? Of course, a job is supposed to keep you motivated. When you are so good at your work, you may feel the need to share with your peers how you do that. The right job is inspiring. It is not about how you inspire yourselves but how you inspire others with your works.

And this one is for the company. The company needs to acknowledge the employee’s works and appreciate them for it. A simple congratulations and constructive e-mails such as “well done”, “good job”, or “thanks for the work” may affect your employees better than you imagine.

In brief, work is never fun, but it depends on you and your companies. You may enjoy your work and it is the company’s responsibility to make their employees feel accepted and appreciated for every work. Companies should also help their employees grow to greater directions by guiding them and rewarding them with promotions should they get their job done.

To make a machine work, the gears need to move in harmony. So does a company.