Illustration: Healthy working environment. (Image via Small Business Trends)

Innovating working space, these are modern working space of today and tomorrow

When hearing the word “office”, what are the first thing passing your head? Yes, cubicle and single neutral color. If that is the concept of an office that you have in mind, believe it or not, it is the 80s – 90s concept.

The concept of the segmented office is now being left behind. It is old and deemed ineffective. Offices of today and tomorrow are applying psychological measures such as color picking and open spaces to enhance. So, we say goodbye to the cubicle concept because here are the concepts of office in the present time.

As its name, a virtual office does not require its members to physically appear at the office desks. Companies are opting for virtual office because it means less expense and more flexibility. Especially, if you want your service to be recognized in various countries, the virtual office is the answer.

The companies are still registered in a prime business district with a legitimate address for the sake of credibility. Meanwhile, all business matters are done remotely.

Or, you can call it a furnished office because, in this office, all is set. A serviced office is meant for start-up or project-based companies because it can be rented easily. Because everything is already set, even the staff, you are saving the budget for human resources.

Started from a trend in San Fransisco 14 years ago, coworking space begins to get popular among the start-up and major companies. Coworking space often has an organization that runs the space. It is usually reserved for divisions or team with mutual vision; thus, enabling them to work in the same space.

More often than not, coworking space takes an innovative concept for all kinds of levels from professional to freelancer. The objective is to block the noise from the outside world and to provide all the things needed so that they may pour their minds completely over their works.

Coworking space is recommended for a start-up company or any company whose teams consist of less than 6 people. Everything is prepared from space to refreshment! Not only does it provide place but also it provides professional events so that you can enlarge your connections there.

Well, this is the last option you want to choose when it comes to saving the budget. Like the name, you are not renting any other location, but your house. You can turn your apartment, your room, or your garage to a working space.

Talking about starting from the garage, Apple and Microsoft both started from the garage before making it big in Cupertino and Redmond.

The disadvantages of making your home into office are the space and the noise (if you have a family). However, it is the best option if you still want to wait upon funding or saving money for a big breakthrough.

Hence, here are the types of offices we can offer you. The fourth option is often underestimated and frowned upon. People might think that family and work should be separated. However, where you can start nowhere, beggars cannot be choosers. Make sure you already plan your business before choosing your working space.