A toxic work environment is never good for your body and mind. However, you must not succumb! (Image via Monster)

How to address and get rid of 'toxic' work environment

When you are working at a company, of course, you are looking for a long stay. It will look good on your CV. Besides, you need to make money to make your two ends meet.

More often than not, you are looking forward to work at a big company with names and reputations. However, it is revealed that lucrative salary is not what keeps an employee. It is the work environment. Some employees said that they’d rather quit from a job due to its toxicity than having a large amount of money.

It emphasizes that your mental need triumphs over your material need, and it is really normal.

There are seven indicators to determine the toxicity of your workplace: communication, honesty and integrity; negativity, manipulation, responsibility & accountability; appreciation, and teamwork.

But, if your workplace does not fill all the seven, you don’t need to resign that fast. Ask yourselves first, “Is my workplace really toxic? Or, is it just a momentarily bad condition?” If the answer to the latter question is “Yes”, then ask yourselves again, “What can I do to make the condition better?”

Here are ways to cope with the toxic work environment:

A work culture consists of uncountable interactions between you and your coworkers. For some people, it is an external factor, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Nonetheless, you can affect it tremendously, either in a good or bad way. You can start by being positive, instead of moaning, sighing, or complaining about your workloads. And, instead of seeing them as “coworker”, try to understand your coworker as a “person” with all their ups and downs.

Try to get involved more in the thinking, acting, and communicating processes. By getting more involved in those activities, you can explore what work culture has turned toxic. Then, you can start changing it by countering it with different attitudes.

A toxic workplace must have its own causes, and if you cannot stand it, you can learn why it is so. Try to consult with your coworkers about the toxic work environment. It is far better than doing nothing about it. However, when doing this, you will have to be careful as to whom you are consulting with. Instead of a solution, you might get yourself into trouble.

In brief, a toxic workplace is never a good condition to work with. It affects your mental condition in a way you don’t realize until it’s too late.

But, take note that sometimes, you also need to introspect, “Is my workplace toxic? Or is it me who is too toxic?” If the answer to the latter question is “Yes”, then we suggest you reform yourselves before reforming others.

Source: https://bit.ly/340G3PB