Not only for the money, but you should also pay attention to the miscellaneous and how it may affect your health. (Image via Small Business Trends)

How the work condition affects your health?

Every employee has the right to know each and every benefit that the companies will offer them before signing the employment contract. Why? According to recent research, it turns out that the benefit and miscellaneous often misheard or neglected, either because the employee is too happy for the job or because the employee just simply does not care, is important for your health.

While people are after the money, the research points out that the type of work and how it is organized affects the employee’s health.

The researchers experimented on about 6,000 adults in the United States (US) listed in the data from the General Social Survey during 2002 – 2014 with 8 types of wage-earner. It aimed to find the correlation between EQ-health relationship (material deprivation, employment-related stressors, and occupational risk factors) and employment quality.

After looking at the data, the researcher found out that “dead-end” job (employee of an assembly line) and “precarious” job (janitor or a store clerk) did not affect mental and physical health of the employee, compared to the inflexible (military personnel) and “job-to-job” (ride-hailing drivers) type of workers. The later type of employee had a higher risk of deteriorating mental and physical health and more prone to occupational injury. “Optimistic precarious” worker (for example, florist) has the same mental type to the first type.

The research was later published in the Russell Sage Foundation: Journal of the Social Sciences. In brief, the terms and conditions of your employment affect your health and the possibility of injury during work.