Antam gold price has increased again this Tuesday (8/13/2019). (Credit : REUTERS)

Global sentiment makes the price of gold more shiny

The reference gold price produced by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) has increased again this Tuesday (8/13/2019). Even this time it reached its highest record of Rp. 706,000 / gram. Previously, Antam's last gold price record was Rp. 704,000 / gram on Thursday last week (08/08/2019).
The increase occurred at Rp 6,000 (0.86%) from Rp 700,000 / gram. This happened along with the increase in global gold prices amid global uncertainty.

Based on Antam's data, the selling price of 0.5 grams of gold valued at Rp402 thousand, 2 grams of Rp1.45 million, 3 grams of Rp2.16 million, 5 grams of Rp3.59 million, 10 grams of Rp7.12 million, 25 grams of Rp17.7 million and 50 grams IDR 35.33 million. Gold measuring 100 grams worth Rp70.6 million, 250 grams Rp176.25 million, 500 grams Rp352.3 million, and 1 kilogram of Rp704.6 million.

Gold selling price includes Income Tax (PPh) 22 for gold bars of 0.45 percent for holders of a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP). For buyers who don’t include a tax ID, the tax discount is higher by 0.9 percent.

Antam's rising gold prices followed gold price in the global spot market which rose yesterday due to uncertainty in the United States (US)-China trade relationship which encouraged global investors' interest in collecting gold.

Gold prices increase was influenced by negative sentiment that also affected the rise in gold is a demonstration in Hong Kong that still hasn’t seen its end point. Antam gold pieces of 100 grams are commonly used as a reference for gold transactions in general, not only Antam's gold. Antam's gold prices at other sales outlets can be different.

Rifan Financindo Futures analyst, Puja Purbaya Sakti estimates that the rate of gold prices will continue to strengthen today until the weekend. Because, some positive sentiments still continue to support the movement of commodity prices.

Meanwhile, gold price in international trade based on the COMEX Commodity Exchange market reference today is US $ 1,529 per troy ounce, and the price of gold in spot trade is at the position of US $ 1,517.23 per troy ounce.