Facebook acknowledged and apologized for the inequality and racism problems befalling its employees of colors and races. (Image via TechCrunch)

Facebook apologizes for racism in the workplace

On Friday, American social media company, Facebook, released an apology regarding an anonymous online document that exposed racism in the largest social media company in the world. The afflicted employee brought the case to light just a year after a post by Mark Luckie, a former strategic partner manager for global influencers focused on underrepresented voices at Facebook.

In the document, titled “Facebook empowers racism against its employees of color” that was published in Medium by, an anonymous former Facebook employee, under an account called “FB Blind”, stated 12 incidents that befell the employees of color while on the job.

The employees stated that since the post by Luckie in November 2018 before he left his post, things for employees with colors had been worsening. They were treated unequally due to their skin colors and races. Not in big moments, but small actions that amounted to a culture where they are unappreciated.

In one of the occurrences, an employee acting as a Project Manager at Facebook was told to clean up a table by two Caucasian employees. While the afflicted informed the supervisor about the incident, the supervisor only suggested the employee dress more professionally.

One told the experience where his/her opinion was not appreciated in a meeting. After the meeting, the afflicted was bashed by another employee, calling him/her as arrogant and saying that his/her opinion was unwanted.

The readers are also introduced “FB Blind”, an internal forum for employees of Facebook to share their experiences in the company. Even in the anonymous posts, some employees told their stories about the racism and inequality they received at the company.

The bigot managers also gave negative remarks against the performance reviews for the employees with colors when they could not sway negative opinions against them.

Facebook acknowledged social problems despite not naming the complaints. In the company, Facebook consists mainly of Caucasians (44.2 percent) and Asian races (43 percent). According to Facebook’s 2019 Diversity Report, about 3.8 percent of Facebook’s employees are African-Americans, and 5.2 percent are Hispanics.

Diversity, racism, and inclusion are topics reinforced by Facebook’s employees for years. In 2016, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, scolded the “Black Lives Matter” campaign at Facebook’s Headquarters in Menlo Park, California, stating that “All lives matter”.

Source: https://cnet.co/33GUGaF