Illustration: Healthy working environment. (Image via Small Business Trends)

Avoid the friction, release the tension! How to cope with a moody boss

Moody boss is a nightmare for every employer and employee. While human thought is already unpredicted, a moody boss takes the word “unpredicted” to a whole new level. One time they might be nice, and at another time, they might be as ravenous as a wolf.

So, pray that you don’t have to meet one. But, what if the destiny arranges you to meet one? Well, nothing can be done about it. Here is the phrase for you, “Improvise, adapt, overcome”. While the job might be your cup of tea, with a boss like that, here are the tips we can offer you to overcome that kind of environment.

First things first, feel the storm brewing. While human emotion is unpredicted, its pattern can be seen. For example, your boss may be grumpy if they haven’t got their morning coffee. Once you know that your boss is not in the mood for talking, “DON’T PUSH YOURSELVES”! Keep it down, and just do your work.

Document the mood and the time, so that when it is happening again, you already know the drills. At the same time, make sure you have done your job well. Nobody knows that your boss may call you in their bad mood and your unfinished work will only make the condition and their mood bleaker.

Second, know the atmosphere and give space. You are a newbie? Check. No knowledge about the work? Check. Moody boss? Check. Are you doomed? Not really. Once again, good timing is the key. If you see your boss is not in the mood for mentoring, let’s use your initiative. Solve your problem your own or ask your peers who have been in your division longer than you are.

Never get carried away by the atmosphere. While your boss might be emitting negative vibes, do not pass it on to your division by acting likewise. Just stay calm, and cracking a bit of joke will not hurt anyone.

Last but not least, what if the moodiness persists? Well, there is no other way but to confront it with your boss in one way or another. Your boss may not realize their actions have caused a great deal of inconvenience to their subordinates. Pick the right time (usually the time when no meeting is scheduled or the workload is few) to discuss the behavior with your boss.

You may complain, “Why should we learn to appease our boss’ moodiness?”. Well, it is true that when your boss wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, nothing we can do about it, except waiting for them to cool down. But, managing to give a solution and willing to take one for the team might show you that you got the initiative and believe us, your teammates will appreciate it too.