Several users complained about Honda PCX150 eSP's sprocket cam. Honda immediately recalled the units for a check-up. (Image via Ortiza)

AHM clams up about PCX's mass checking status

Last month, Astra Honda Motor (AHM) lettered some users of automatic scooter PCX150 eSP regarding the check-up of sprocket cam leading to sudden machine turn off. Regarding the development of the check-up, AHM declined to reveal anything.

Marketing Director of AHM, Thomas Wijaya, revealed that the users receiving letters for the machine check-up already came to the AHM’s official dealer for repair. Still looking through the conditions, Thomas also declined to comment any further.

One thing for sure, AHM advised all of its PCX150 eSP users to go to the official dealer near them. Thomas also asserted that for the repair and spare part replacement, the users are not required to pay.

Sprocket cam is a vital part of a machine. It was spread on some online forums that the sprocket cam in PCX150 eSP caused the machine to turn off suddenly. Even, it caused the machine to totally deactivate and difficult to turn on.

Thomas said that there are other problems than sprocket cam. But, regarding what kind of problem, Thomas declined to reveal. The marketing director said that it is the duty of the mechanics to analyze the main problem.

AHM refused to refer to the checking as “recall” due to an indication of product defects.