Only opening for one year, Kyoto Yakitori Kazu in Kyoto received Bib Gourmand's honorable mention in the Michelin Handbook. (Image via SoraNews24)

Affordable yakitori restaurant in Kyoto received Michelin mention

When you arrive in a country, of course, you want to grab grub. It is one of the main reasons why you go there. And now, people are not only looking for a place to eat. They are looking for a restaurant that can provide you with the best food, best atmosphere, and of course, the best price.

There is already a guide for that called the "Michelin Handbook” that leads you to restaurants that get all those categories checked. In recent years, Bib Gourmand is in the hot search, recognizing restaurants offering high-quality meals up to ¥5,000.

Fulfilling the Bib Gourmand categories just in its one-year opening, a skewered chicken (yakitori) restaurant in Kyoto, Japan, called Kyoto Yakitori Kazu (“Kazu” means “one” in Japanese), received the Bib Gourmand’s honorable mention in the delicious handbook.

Kyoto Yakitori Kazu is located at 1F 585 Kikusuibokocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto.

Serenely designed with minimalist atmosphere with low lighting, the diners refer to the restaurant as a secret hideout from the hustle-bustle of Kyoto and the cities surrounding it.

Kyoto Yakitori Kazu might have been grateful enough for the chef, Takashi Iikawa. Known for his cooking skills and attention-to-detail, Iikawa was rewarded with Bib Gourmand’s honorable mention during his previous stay at a restaurant in Ginza.

Iikawa wants to upgrade yakitori from a daily staple to a fine meal with his hands. Diners are facing Iikawa who stands behind the grill, preparing yakitori exclusively in front of their eyes. Grilling the yakitori above the hot charcoal, the diners will feel the “true heart and art of the craftsman Iikawa” with the aroma and sizzle of the yakitori on the grill.

Besides yakitori, Kyoto Yakitori Kazu also serves limited, seasonal menus such as oriresu (chicken oysters), aka (inner thigh), togarashi (thigh muscle), and chochin (fallopian tube and ovary). But, its yakitori is something you should not miss when visiting Kyoto.

Enough about the chef, let’s talk about the meal.

Kyoto Yakitori Kazu is said to use Kyo-Akajidori chicken. Locally grown in a mountain village in Kyoto, Kyo-Akajidori chickens are fed with healthy, pesticide-free feed and placed in a stress-free environment. Therefore, the meat has a fine texture and is tasty.

For the seasoning, the restaurant even chooses two kinds of salt: Japanese sea salt and a mixture of two Andes rock salts, to produce a blend of taste to balance the yakitori.

But, it is unfair to talk about food without the drink. Kyoto Yakitori Kazu also offers high-quality beverages such as sake, shochu, and wines to enhance the fine-dining yakitori experience.

We reveal the price at the end, and it is on purpose. For such experiences, it is normal for you to pay extra cash, right? No! Kyoto Yakitori Kazu has ¥5,649 for a 14-piece meal! Such an affordable price for a high-quality restaurant.

Therefore, if you are looking for a restaurant with good vibes, good food, and good drinks, Kyoto Yakitori Kazu is absolutely a must!